ReConEx podcast 10: Bronwen Price on Lady Mary Chudleigh

In this episode we speak to Dr Bronwen Price about the life and writings of Lady Mary Chudleigh (1656–1710), a Devon writer in poetry and prose who has been called a Christian Platonist and a proto-feminist and whose work engages themes including gender roles, natural philosophy, female friendship and religious toleration.

Bronwen has research interests in seventeenth-century women’s writing and literature of the Civil War and Republican periods. She has published widely in these areas, is editor of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis (Manchester University Press, 2002) and is currently writing a book on Mary Chudleigh for Manchester. She was principal lecturer in English Literature at the University of Portsmouth 2002-2020 and taught there since 1993. Bronwen is representative for Independent Researchers on the English Association’s HE Committee and is also a research associate at Caen University.

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