This page contains details of collaborative publications arising from the project as well as individually authored publications by ReConEx team members drawing on research for the project.

Journal special issue

Bunyan Studies 27 (2023):

‘Writing Religious Conflict and Community in the Southwest, 1500–1800’

Edited by Niall Allsopp, David Parry, and Philip Schwyzer

This special issue of Bunyan Studies features articles developed from papers given at our April 2023 day conference in association with the International John Bunyan Society. These articles explore various ways in which Dissenting community formation was articulated in literature of the southwest in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They draw attention to local southwestern contexts in which religious writing took place, and in which ideas of religious identity and community membership were articulated or contested. These essays on Dissenting writing of the southwest (by Annie J. Stephenson, Thomas Clifton, Rachel Adcock, and Baiyu Andrew Song) are complemented by Nathan Sherman’s prizewinning essay on Baptists in the east London suburb of Wapping, indicating the potential for expanding a place-based approach to early modern religious writing beyond the southwest.

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Individual publications deriving from ReConEx project research

Niall Allsopp, ‘Regional Book Distribution and Political Participation in the English Civil War’, The Seventeenth Century 39.2 (2024), 261–80. Article available at

David Parry, ‘The Problems of Performing Piety in Some Exeter Dissenting Sermons c.1660–1745’, in Catherine Cubitt, Charlotte Methuen and Andrew Spicer (eds.), The Church, Hypocrisy and Dissimulation (Cambridge University Press, 2024) (Studies in Church History 60), 340–62. Open access article available at