David Parry

Dr David Parry has been a member of the Department of English and Creative Writing at the University of Exeter since 2017. His research interests cluster around the intersection of literature, rhetoric, religion and intellectual history in the early modern period. His first book The Rhetoric of Conversion in English Puritan Writing from Perkins to Milton was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2022. He is also the editor of The Oxford Handbook of Allegory, a forthcoming essay collection covering allegorical writing and reading from Plato to Inside Out.

Philip Schwyzer

Philip Schwyzer is Professor of Renaissance Literature at the University of Exeter. His research interests include personal and collective memory, antiquarianism and national identities in the early modern period. His publications include Shakespeare and the Remains of Richard III (Oxford, 2013), Archaeolo.gies of English Renaissance Literature (Oxford, 2007), and Literature, Nationalism, and Memory in Early Modern England and Wales (Cambridge, 2004). Alongside the RECONEX project he is working on scholarly editions of Michael Drayton’s Poly-Olbion and the works of Humphrey Llwyd.

Niall Allsopp

Niall Allsopp is Lecturer in Early Modern Literature at the University of Exeter. His research interests include the literature of the English Civil War, political ideas, and religious and civic ceremonies. His first book, Poetry and Sovereignty in the English Revolution was published by OUP in 2020. His work on the RECONEX project focuses on printing and civil-war writing in Exeter. It will also feed into a wider project on the genres of ceremony in mid-seventeenth century literature.