ReConEx podcast 1: In Conversation with Mark Stoyle

Welcome to the first in our series of ReConEx podcasts. In this podcast we speak to scholars who have research interests related to our project around writing and religion in Exeter and the southwest of England from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

In this first podcast, we speak to Professor Mark Stoyle, who is Professor of History at the University of Southampton. Mark has broad interests in early modern British history, especially in the Civil Wars of the 1640s. More recently he has been working on Tudor rebellions in the earlier part of the sixteenth century, with his new book A Murderous Midsummer: The Western Rising of 1549 just out from Yale University Press. Among his broader interests, Mark has published some particularly important work on the history of Exeter specifically and more widely on the history of Devon and Cornwall, including his books Loyalty and Locality: Popular Allegiance in Devon During the English Civil War (1994), From Deliverance to Destruction: Civil War and Rebellion in an English City (1996), and West Britons: Cornish Identities and the Early Modern British State (2002). He has a forthcoming book on the Western Rising of 1549. Mark is also a regular contributor to BBC History Magazine and has contributed to TV and radio broadcasts.

(Intro music from Johann Sebastian Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Prelude No. 17 in A-flat major (BWV 862), performed on the harpsichord by Kimiko Ishizaka. Reproduced from under Creative Commons licence.)

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